Black Cat

My best friend is a musician and for the launch of her second album she made these shirts printed with her album artwork. Some reviewers have described her voice as, “Alternately haunting and soulful” … and some say, “It’s the kind of bluesy-rock number that you have to thrash your long hair around to – in slow-mo.”

Have a listen and comment below and tell me what you think!

 Watch the LIVE video of ‘Black Cat’ performed by Deena and her band HERE

IMG_1119 IMG_1118 IMG_1116 IMG_1117

‘Black Cat’ ShirtDeena

Navy Pleated Skirt, Pixie & Rose

Black Double Soled Creepers, Demonia

Garter Stocking Tights, House of Holland

Reflective Blue/Gold Sunglasses, Pixie & Rose

O-ring Vegan Leather Collar, Pixie & Rose

Black Stud Earrings, Lovisa 


Houndstooth Hell

IMG_6912 copy-1 IMG_6915 copy-1

Crown Hair Braid by Deena L.
IMG_6934 copy-1Vintage Pussy Bow Blouse with Bishop Sleeves, Thrift Shop

Black and Coral Gem Earrings, Lovisa

Miss Mustard

My most sincere apologies for the unknown absence… As you can see – I’ve been trying to encourage Autumn to flourish!

Photography by Deena L.

IMG_0999 IMG_1003 IMG_1001 IMG_1002

Vintage Mini Polka Dot Collared Blouse, Thrift Shop

Black Jersey Skirt, Thrift Shop

Black Skinny Waist Belt, ASOS

3 Buckled Heeled Boot, Hype DC

Mustard Socks, Rivers

Black Stud Earrings, Lovisa 

Blue Felt Hat, The Falls Festival

Monkey Business

Today I spent the day with my love by the water enjoying a little picnic with the help of our friends at Meat & Eat. 

IMG_6595 IMG_6578 IMG_6594 IMG_6582 IMG_6589 IMG_6591

IMG_6612 IMG_6617 IMG_6621

Cutest Christmas present I received last year from Abe, hand-made earrings.IMG_6640 IMG_6646 IMG_6629

Black Crop, Supre

Black & White Plaid Midi Skirt, Thrift Shop

Dr Martens 8 Eye Boots

Red Polka Dot Socks, BIG W

Hanging Worry Doll Earrings, Hand-made by Abraham O.

Black O-Ring Choker, Pixie & Rose

Half Kitten Cat Eye Sunglasses, ASOS

CC in the country

My best friend Deena turned 23 last Saturday and the CC gang and I planned a secret getaway for her. We drove all the way to Chillingham, NSW and spent the next few nights in an airbnb cottage in the lovely countryside, overlooking mountains partially covered in fog and covered in the greenest grass I have seen in a very long time.

We explored the property we stayed on, the towns nearby, The Natural Bridge in Springbrook and the Currumbin Valley Rock Pools.

This open cactus terrarium was made by Abraham and myself and gifted to Deena along with one of our personalised tie-dye creations. IMG_6407 IMG_6402 IMG_6403 IMG_6440IMG_6537 IMG_9153 IMG_9209 IMG_9184 IMG_9191 IMG_9217


(Yes, we played board games and drank till our brains weren’t 100%)IMG_6410 IMG_6486Yin-Yang Dress, Tree of Life

Dr Martens 8 Eye Boots

Green Geometric Socks, Happy Socks

Octagon Framed Sunglasses, Unknown IMG_6477 IMG_6474 IMG_6464 IMG_9306


Crispy skin pork belly with special saladIMG_9307 IMG_9314 IMG_9262

Natural bridge, Springbrook National Park IMG_9280Customised Tie Dye Shirt, Self Made

Indigo High Waist Denim Mum Shorts, ASOS

Dr Martens 8 Eye Boots

Pizza Socks, Topshop

Octagon Framed Sunglasses, Unknown

IMG_9323 IMG_9329