Texan Tribute

Disclosure: No, I have never been to Texas. No, this shirt is probably not from Texas. Yes, I was quite close to Texas when I got this shirt. Yes, I was in Arizona, USA. Yes, I do wish to go to Texas one day. No, I don’t like country music. Yes, I would like to learn to line dance.


Yes… I have the Deathly Hallows above my elbow… NOW YOU ALL KNOW!


Vintage Western Printed Collared Top, Thrift Shop (Tempe, Arizona)

Large Clear Framed Sunglasses, Buffalo Exchange (Tempe, Arizona)

Wooden Handmade Round Earrings, Lovisa 

Midge Zip High Waist Jeans, G-Star RAW

Indian Embroidered Denim Bag, India

Chunk White Sandals, Windsor Smith

Wicked Velvetine Matte Lipstick, Limecrime


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