Santa Claus is coming to town

Q: What’s the difference between a Snow man and a Snow lady?

A: Snowballs!

HAHAHAHA! This year, Abraham and I threw our friends a Christmas dinner party and decided to play the role of Santa and Mrs Claus. We sent out Christmas cards that we made together, with an invitation and a box of home made cookies to each guest.

Our menu consisted of:

Roast Turkey with special stuffing

– A smoked leg ham with cloves

– Mashed Potato

– Poached Pear Salad

– Herb and Garlic Butter/Buns

– Buttered Corn Cobs

– Apple Pie + Ice-cream

+ A LOT of red wine!

We chatted and laughed over a lovely dinner (mainly made by Abe, let’s just say I am the creative one and I did the decorations…) and then we let our guests relax and receive some presents!

This year, Abe and I made tie-dye shirts using different techniques. Every single shirt out of the seven we made are different and were all made to suit the person who was to wear it. We used iDye for natural fabrics on some cheap 100% Cotton shirts we bought. I was very happy with the final products and the colours were very vibrant! I will definitely use the iDye products again in the future.

IMG_6276IMG_6288IMG_6299IMG_6305 Everyone had their own place card and personalised Bon-bon cracker. Inside the Bon-bon was a little plastic figurine Abe and I made that represented one of our friends’ favourite things. Eg. A cactus plant, a book with the initials D.G (Dorian Gray), a guitar, etc etc.

IMG_6306 Happy family! IMG_6310 The bestest friend with the newest addition to my family, Pistachio

IMG_6311IMG_6322IMG_6296 Cheers with the egg-nog IMG_6336 Santa and Mrs Claus came to town bearing gifts IMG_6335 Happy family, again! Biggest grins!IMG_6337
Everyone ACTUALLY had this face after they received their gifts – hand made tie-dyed shirts by Abe and I. The night just couldn’t get any better… IMG_6339 IMG_6347 IMG_6364Until the home-made apple pie made an appearance! IMG_6357 IMG_6362 IMG_6382So, Namaste and stay safe these holidays. Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and shared it with the people you loved most. I know I did, this year was one of the most special Christmas’ I have ever had. Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance. Hope you all welcome the new year with a bang and lots o’ wine!

Follow me on Instagram: @deeeshna – to see what I’ll be wearing at Falls Festival this New Years!


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