Shooting clothes, not friends

On this day, my friend Navarone planned a photo shoot for his fashion portfolio. He designed all the garments (You can see a tiny glimpse of them in a couple of the photos!) We then head to the beach in Coolangatta and had sushi for lunch. Afterwards, a short stroll on the beach made me very excited and I couldn’t stop playing leap frog with myself!

The conclusion I came to, is that I will be spending many more days at the beach this Summer.

… I never thought I would say that, ever.


Navarone from Private School 1990


Sometimes I get really excited… and jump all over the place.


Ganesh Muscle Tee, Cotton On

Orange Shibori-Style High Waisted Pants, Thrift Shop

Electric Blue Leather Jacket, Nasty Gal

Round Cat Eye Sunglasses, Hopscotch 

Foreal Silver Flatform Shoes, Wittner


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