Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?
Come with us and you will see
This, our town of Halloween

IMG_5936 IMG_7531 IMG_7530IMG_5942

Jack and Sally Skellington 
IMG_5945 IMG_5949 IMG_5963

Olive and Popeye gone rogue


Sam and Suzie from Moonrise Kingdom
IMG_6004 IMG_6026

Barbie and Ken


Vampire cheerleader


The cutest strawberry ever and some cereal killerIMG_6155

Mr. KrabsIMG_6200Japanese Samurai Warrior
IMG_6214IMG_6228IMG_6230IMG_6233IMG_6240IMG_6250I created the pattern to my Sally dress and found similar fabrics and managed to whip up my outfit very similar to my sketch.


I used poplin, gingham and cotton materials as they were the most cheap and effective option. My face may have turned out a little TOO blue but I was very happy with the outcome and had a very good night!

Hope you all had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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