All BEER-ed up

Hola! …No, I am not Spanish and no se habla español.. or whatever.

My name is Deshna and I have recently graduated from TAFE with an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design. I’m small and brown and keep a few things close to my heart; spaghetti, beer, tuna and my best friends (LAME!)

Paranormal phenomena, philosophy, rockabilly, folklore, music and art have always been a major inspiration to me and you will most likely see a lot of these things in my photography and design.

I am aiming to maintain a picture blog, that means writing will be kept to a minimum. Please e-mail me if you want to ask me anything, … anything, okay?!

Here goes!

These photos are from the Beer Incider Experience which was held at the Albion Park Raceway. Beer testers, delicious sliders, pulled pork, burlesque dancers and  live music – this was the perfect kind of day for me.

IMG_4984 IMG_4973 IMG_4977 IMG_4978IMG_4983IMG_4994IMG_5009IMG_5064

Vintage White Shirt, Thrift Shop

Midi Plaid Skirt, Thrift Shop

Reflective Blue/Gold Sunglasses, Pixie & Rose

Chunk White Sandals, Windsor Smith


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